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Miles is totally intrigued by our friend who is pregnant. Now Miles… - JohnnyBlog: Malicious, Delicious
Thu, Apr. 26th, 2007 12:59 pm
Miles is totally intrigued by our friend who is pregnant. Now Miles wants to be pregnant, have a baby, so he's converted the teddy bear formerly known as Light Light Brown Bear (he's very color specific) into "Charlie," who becomes a "baby" (not a bear) when you put a shirt on him.

Miles has a really complex relation to Charlie, actually. He has two theories on babies, both his own. First, that Joy ate a baby. This did not disturb him; not sure what to think about that. Second, that a baby crawls up "a mommy's fuzzy" (his own word for girl-parts). Since he can't eat his teddy bear, he's decided on the second option for impregnation. But he doesn't have a fuzzy, except that (again, his discovery) if he tucks his bee-bee (his own word for boy-parts) between his legs, it looks like a fuzzy (in his mind).

Thus, the whole production of being pregnant-with-bear is complex. He makes a fuzzy, then puts the bear under his shirt. Now you gotz a baby! One time (and one time only) I suggested that this was not a crawling in fuzzy at all, but just under the shirt. That began a long, scolding discourse on how daddy is bad because he doesn't play right.

Alas. I'm a real fuck up.

What goes on in these little brains? Answer: Hilarious shit.